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August 19, 2022

Content Creator is competing again!! So excited to share this prep journey with you!
I competed in the first show in March of 2022 and really just took that prep to understand and listen to the body, focus & navigate this big milestone and really push myself to the limits! This time around Content Creator is more in tune with myself and know what to expect, and can actually take the time to fully document and share the experience with YOU!

Content Creators are 1 week into prep and have 12 weeks until the show! Things have been generally the same for me, workout routine has not changed and we are just dialing more in on nutrition and Content Creator is following the plan more seriously and consistent now! We will be posting weekly along the way to keep you in the loop on the emotions, progress and overall insight on this prep to give you a better understanding of what we go through as a competitor!

Let know if you have any questions in the comments below!!!

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