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image  1 Idalis  - Strength, Running & Nutrition Coach - 5 Ways to get a killer core
September 21, 2022

5 Ways to get a killer core! Your core is your body’s greatest stabilizer! Your core is more of a force transmitter than a force producer for your body. To build a strong and functional core (beyond having a six pack or flat belly :)), you have work to do more than crunches and planks.1️⃣ Pallof Press - this anti-rotation exercise trains the smaller and larger muscles around your spine to resist rotation, anti-lumbar extension, and posterior pelvic tilt simulating forces that occur during squats and deadlifts and in daily life also.2️⃣Reverse Landmine wood chops - works entire core with an emphasis on your obliques, builds power and rotational strength, to help you develop consistent force during lifts, runs and other activities. 3️⃣ DeadBug Variations - great for deep core stability. Learning to activate your deep spinal stabilizers like the transversus abdominis in these positions is beneficial for progressing to more dynamic exercises.4️⃣ Turkish Get-Up - is a highly functional movement that requires all the muscles of the body working together in order to accomplish the task. Great for core strength, stability and increased body awareness.5️⃣ Side Plank Pulls Drop a ⚡️ if you are ready to level up your core training! Happy Monday! Xx
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