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image  1 I am changing my word for 2023
February 4, 2023

I am changing my word for 2023. Originally, I thought the word that would reflect my outlook for the year was self-discovery.But what I keep coming back to every day is the word SIMPLE.I want simple ingredients in the food I eat, the supplements I take, and the products I use.I want my wardrobe to be simple, functional, and to stand the test of time. I want my routines, systems, and patterns to be not complicated....SIMPLE.Now, I realize that life is messy and can’t always be simple. But that’s my goal. My focus. My intention. Keeping it simple, in all aspects, as often as possible. How is 2023 starting off for you? Are you feeling aligned to your original vision you casted, or do you need to change course? I fully believe that you can change at any moment, as often as possible, to do what feels right for you. Your year, your vision. It truly can be that simple. Xoxo 💋 D
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