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July 8, 2022

Gym Vlog

I honestly wasn’t going to post this once YouTube said someone else would be taking the monetization because of Bad Bunny’s album playing, but to give you some background.

The day We filmed this The content Creator had landed in Chicago the night prior at 11PM. We woke up at 6AM to finish packing the last of the things. Coach Q reached out and said he could squeeze in at noon, We stopped packing and ran to the gym. After which We sped back home, finished the move, then head to the airport to catch a 6PM flight to Jersey. We was in Jersey for two days and now I’m back in Miami. All this with a toddler and supporting a man with a ridiculously demanding career.

point in saying all this is We bust the ass to film this content —so we made this sh*t work!!!! You feel me?

Next video will probably be a full day in the life Vlog. Let know what you want to talk about 🥰

Until next time,
Be safe
Be kind


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